Dating For Women To Date Simultaneously

Variety really is the spice of life! Never has this phrase been more applicable when it comes to dating for women and online dating. Dating several women at the same time is a fantastic achievement just asks any guy. Is the male variety of humankind able to commit to monogamy or is he destined to be promiscuous by nature?

It’s no secret women to date are also guilty of serial dating in a similar manner to many men. Possibly the most distinguished point of difference is that most women seek a more long term bond because of sheer maternal instinct, eve though this idealistic result can be quite illusive for many women nowadays.

Before we pre judge mankind as a whole, many men are caring and selfless individuals but locating a good catch fitting this description is easier said than done. And because bar hopping and visiting seedy late night wine bars tends to attract the dregs of society, many women are turning to free online dating in search of a man who is compatible based on values, interests and intellect.


dating for women

Online dating has become the number one universal matchmaking choice in the singles dating arena and is highly regarded as a genuine alternative for pairing up couples of a desired age, gender preference or geography. Some say that online dating tears down the personal barriers often experienced when meeting people through more traditional methods and can often lead to casual sex, and let’s be frank, casual sex can have it’s rewards as well as disadvantages, a lot of which are self evident.

There’s really no point outlining the advantages of having several women on tap, your imagination knows what I’m talking about. But on the flipside, having to make two or three women feel extra special all the time is down right hard work. Not to mention expensive.

By dating several women like black people meet also at once you also run the risk of losing your best girl. The way these situations play out usually sees the man start to develop stronger feelings for one girl over the other, and if she finds out, you lose the lot! Unless you’re in a committed relationship, you’re free to sow your wild oats as you please but be mindful not to spread.


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