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Male, Female, Couple
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well lets see what am i looking forwell lets start off by sayingNO time wasters or sick guys pretending all i saylooking for 18-50 as age is not important looking for friendship with a view to poss more but also looking for some no hassle clean fun will travel but only when trust has been built up and not before so dont askwith reguards to friendship men are included but with the understanding that the chances of anything more is very small but i am interested in no sex friendship aswelli am a loving shy person but i am very close and passionate in bed with my lovers, but when its just clean no hassle fun i am a little wild in bed with a few kinks heehe arnt we alldue to timewasters eyc i am very cautions now and will not rush in to things till both sides are ok and trust been built so dont rush and youll be ok rush me or pressure me i switch off simple.but i am a nice person once you get to know me