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Wilmington, United States
Hello all members, I am the administrator of the site. If you need to advertise on the site or have a mind blowing idea to discuss which can be put in the site that would further enrich the whole experience of the AXD Community memebrs then I am all yours to listen, but hey remember I am all yours to listen to only he he he heFeel free to drop me a line
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tall, good looking, sexy, knows how to make a woman hot...loves to cyber sex...looking for fun online...wants to be naughty and bad...likes a woman who can make him tingle from head to toe, just from chat...takes his time and gets off from foreplay...no wham bam thank you maam, slow erotic sex...

Likes oral..can talk dirty and be descriptive..likes a woman who is strong and can dish it out and LOVES to take it...is a man, not a boy...