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Wilmington, United States
Hello all members, I am the administrator of the site. If you need to advertise on the site or have a mind blowing idea to discuss which can be put in the site that would further enrich the whole experience of the AXD Community memebrs then I am all yours to listen, but hey remember I am all yours to listen to only he he he heFeel free to drop me a line
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im looking for a man who has the gutz and does what he wants to do without hesitations :)a man who can be with me in exploring my wildside and a man whom i can ask for help when i need help and a shoulder that i can lean on in times of troubles coz im a trouble maker hahahaha.i want a matured man who can give me advice on dealing with life i guess thats all and maybe just pm me so that we can conduct tests to know if you're my kind of guy :P