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Fairfield, United States
Hello all members, I am the administrator of the site. If you need to advertise on the site or have a mind blowing idea to discuss which can be put in the site that would further enrich the whole experience of the AXD Community memebrs then I am all yours to listen, but hey remember I am all yours to listen to only he he he heFeel free to drop me a line
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You should not be scared of making a committment to a mature age guy and not feel selfconscious or worry as to what other people may think of a younger woman living with a mature age guy or be negatively influenced by family who may not approve of their daughter living with an older mature age guy. I also seek a young woman who is not materialistic and seeks to live a more simple and back to basics way of life, a person who is a wake up to all the false brainwashing, propoganda and hype of the modern, complex and material world where people are like sheep and many people have lost touch with their true spiritual side whereby we should freely be able to give and receive love without hangups.