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Please Read Before Messaging or Replying To Our - mmmmmm - Inquisitive Interest...................................

M & M are in love with each other - our relationship was and is strong enough to be able to discuss our fantasies & desires - sharing our sexuality with other sexy couples is a part of this - we found our bond got tighter and our inhibitions seductively released.

On the way home after the first beautiful taste of this lifestyle we were exhilarated and we commented to each other - 'how nice it would be if everyone could just enjoy each other like that instead of fighting and killing!'

We only play together - we get much enjoyment from watching/helping each other have fun. We listen to our fantasies and desires and try to find couples that wish to share their imagination with us.

Above all - we respect you and your limits and expect you to do the same.

We wish everyone had the opportunity to live out their fantasies - if this is what you desire, then we would love to meet you - no - we can't share ourselves with everyone because we guess that we are a lot like you - a subconscious chemistry takes control - so we can, and will only play if we see recent pics.

How many times you have been around the sun is also completely inconsequential - if the chemistry is there for both of us - we will enjoy your company.

Luv & Lust - m&m